As Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary we have a special devotion to Mary. It was her "yes" that helped to bring salvation to the whole human race. Today our "yes" allows us to give humble service to those in need. Like Mary, we are ready to receive the Word of God in order to be able to share it with our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

As Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary we hold Jesus as the center of our lives and Mary as our Model of Faith.
Marian Center
In immersing ourselves daily in prayer we then are able to walk "with people" in their time of need. As women religious, we weave
Servite Fathers
hospitality and availability into the tapestry of our daily lives so as to be able to share the Good News with all those we encounter.

In our service to the Church, like Mary, we are called to bring Christ to people in the humble gift of self to those in need of compassion and understanding.