An individual who is interested in becoming part of our Congregation begins her journey with us through the initial stages of formation continuing through life.


The first phase of initial formation begins by a contact that an individual makes with our community.

The second phase consists of the Pre-Novitiate where the individual becomes acquainted with the various aspect of our community life.
The third phase continues with two years of Novitiate. The
Marian Center
Servite Fathers
first year is made up of the study of scriptures, our rules, constitutions, including the Vows. The second year of novitiate gives the individual an opportunity to experience the various ministries within our community.
Following the second year of novitiate, the individual takes the vows of Obedience, Poverty, and Chastity. After she renews her vows for four years, she is prepared to say her "yes" to God forever by taking final vows.