Our Congregation of Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary originated in a mountain village in Treppio, Italy. Filomena Rossi and Giovanna Ferrari were the first two women who saw a need to "teach the children of the poor and care for the sick" in 1861.
The Foundresses served the Lord and gave honor to our Lady with their lives of service to the most needy in the Church. They were women who were aware of the events of their times. Our Sisters placed all they had in common and shared their gifts and talents with our first Community of Sisters and with the people of Treppio.
Marian Center
Treppio, Italy
Servite Fathers

Our Congregation was approved by Pope Pius X on February 11, 1909. In a short time, other young women joined our Foundresses, and soon the small Congregation of Mantellate Sisters Servants of Mary was proclaiming the "Good News" all over Europe, Africa and North America. Today our Sisters continue to maintain a healthy balance between prayer and ministry. In our every day lives we could say that there is unity in our diversity. Our aim is to continue to build good interpersonal relationships, to better serve others with compassion and love.